A potential book from Harvard Business Review for corporate leadership to learn about the impact of Generative AI

There is a myriad of books already written about Generative AI and other AI-related topics. The question that many might have is how to get an overall view of how generative AI will impact the business. Questions such as:

⭐How is our business model going to change? Are we still going to be around when a new generation of businesses in our domain will enter the market?

⭐Is there a framework that can be used when picking up a generative AI project? Where would I even start? What is the best framework to pick?

⭐How are our sales going to be impacted by GenAI? Will technologies such as Microsoft Copilot help our sales teams, and how should we introduce the technology to them?

⭐What is the impact of generative AI on our creative work, for example, in marketing? How should generative AI be used, for example, in engineering?

⭐What kind of intellectual problems might we run into with generative AI? Courts are currently sorting out the ownership, for example, how books used in Large Language Models (LLMs) should be treated.

⭐How do we make sure that my organization is using AI in a responsible way and make sure decisions are not based on AI hallucination created by the LLM model?

⭐If I build an AI solution, how should I monetize it so it makes sense from a business model perspective?

Havard Business Review released a book in January 2024 from its "Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review" series. The book series is a great way to get an overall view of topics such as Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change, Supply Chain, Web3, Hybrid Workplace, etc. What is also terrific about these books is that the content is a collection of articles written by different authors, so you get a much broader perspective as each brings their own skills and core competence to the topic at hand.

The book I am recommending is Generative AI: The Insights You Need from Harvard Business. It is a collection of articles from different perspectives concerning generative AI. It should give you an idea of what aspects to consider when planning to use generative AI in your business. This is NOT a technology book; it is easy to read and is suited for executives and anybody who wants to learn more about what kind of impact generative AI will have on us. The articles are as follows:

Generative AI Will Change Your Business. Here's How to Adopt by David C. Edelman and Mark Abraham

How Network Effects Make AI Smarter by Sheen S. Levine and Dinkar Jain

A framework for picking the right generative AI project by Marc Zao-Sanders and Marc Ramos

How Generative AI Could Disrupt Creative Work by Davide De Cremer, Nicola Morini Bianzino, and Ben Falk

How Generative AI can Augment Human Creativity by Tojin T. Eapen, Daniel J. Finkenstadt, Josh Folk, and Lokesh Venkataswamy

How Generative AI Will Change Sales by Prabhakant Sinha, Arun Shastri, and Sally E. Lorimer

Generative AI has an intellectual Property Problem by Gil Appel, Juliana Neelbauer, and David A. Schweidel

AI Prompt Engineering Isn't the Future by Oguz A. Acar

Eight Questions About Using AI Responsibly, Answered by Tsedal Neeley

Managing the Risks of Generative AI by Kathy Baxter and Yoav Schlesinger

The AI Hype Cycle is Distracting Companies by Eric Siegel

The last article from Eric Siegel warns organizations to rely too much on hype, which only inflates expectations and distracts from the precise way machine learning will improve business operations. The book is only 170 pages, so it is a pretty quick read, and you can read one article at a time and digest it before you continue to the next article.

What is important to remember is that AI is here to stay, and organizations and leadership teams need to define what and how AI should be deployed in the organization and what kind of long-term impact it will have on the organization.

I recommend you check out the Webinar series "Approachable AI," where TELLUS International has partnered with A-CX to deliver content on relevant topics, specifically in Generative AI. Mikko Peltola from A-CX and I delivered our 2024 predictions in a December 2023 webinar. I also did a deep dive with Mikko on AI's impact on business model innovation in a November 2023 webinar.

If you decide to buy the book, I hope you enjoy it. My book reviews will continue on technology, leadership, careers, and other topics that I feel are interesting. That way I can share my passion in the topic.

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