How it all got started in 2005

Dr. Salonen immigrated to the USA in 1998 and was CEO and CTO of an international business intelligence and data warehousing software company. After an exit, Petri decided to start his consulting practice to help European software companies establish their footprint in the US. He became the North American representative for numerous software companies specifically within the Microsoft ecosystem. At the same time he was nominated to become President of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) both for a local Dallas Fort Worth chapter and eventually for the global IAMCP organization as the worldwide IAMCP President.

The work with the Microsoft ecosystem and Microsoft leaders eventually led to a preferred Microsoft vendor relationship with Microsoft. Dr. Salonen has facilitated hundreds of workshop sessions with different sizes of ISVs, from global ISVs to startups. This work continues with Microsoft, and based on the experiences from global brands, Dr. Salonen advises both software and end-user organizations in their digitalization journey and software productization. Due to his software development background, Dr. Salonen offers interim CTO services for organizations that want to take the organization to the next level.

Dr. Petri I. Salonen

Dr. Petri I. Salonen is the founder and CEO of TELLUS International, a Dallas-based boutique management consulting company. He has 25 years of experience in management roles in Microsoft and IBM partner organizations, including as chairman of the board for two Microsoft system integrators with analytics, business intelligence, and collaboration practice and as the CEO of the leading IBM-based business intelligence, analytics, and data warehousing software company.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Salonen has led product development and implementation of projects at industry-leading analytics, data warehousing, budgeting, and planning solutions companies. He has also led the largest non-profit Microsoft association (Microsoft International Association of Channel Partners), which consists of thousands of partners with billions of dollars of P2P sales. He has facilitated business modeling and strategy workshops for leading global brand names for the past 18 years and is the author of two books on how to conduct international business. In addition, Dr. Salonen has helped numerous European-based companies establish their business in the Americas region.

Dr. Petri I. Salonen

Our focus areas

Helping organizations to envision software solutions and to deploy technology

We take pride in our work and strive to deliver value to our customers in whatever we do. We focus on organizations that build intellectual property (IP) as part of their business model. We also help organizations to deploy technologies, especially with Microsoft technologies such as Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure.

We have worked with hundreds of organizations for almost twenty years. Our work is grounded in research and industry-standard best practices, which benefit our customers, who can use those best practices when we are not present.

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What Other Are Saying

As an excellent communicator, TELLUS facilitator conveys cloud knowledge efficiently and makes this information applicable to Itron operations. As presenter he is quick-witted and a good facilitator for a 2-day Business Development workshop

TELLUS assisted our team in developing a new strategy for the TWID product - bringing new and creative ideas for the redesign to business model and aligning the solution to map with our overall business goals.

TELLUS was the obvious choice for our organization when it came time to building the partner channel in the United States. I have always found Juha and his team professional, driven and enthusiastic about the work and in looking for programmatic solutions to improve our business development strategy.

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