TELLUS International Partners offer executive experience in various solution and functional areas. We can help you evaluate the current business, technology, marketing, sales, and go-to-market strategy at TELLUS Advisory Services. Our services are derived from ongoing market and technology research, and this provides organizations with efficient access to information for efficient decision-making.


TELLUS focuses on the Microsoft ecosystem. We have worked with several software vendors as their extended team and have accumulated a deep understanding of Microsoft technology and how these technologies are being applied to software vendors, system integrators, and enterprises.


Our long experience working with independent software vendors enables us to guide software companies in building software and solutions.


Our work with system integrators in different capacities benefits our customers. System integrator business models are changing and we can be part of the transformation.


Enterprises are in the midst of digital transformation and we can be part of that journey advising how technology can benefit an organization.

Technology Advisory Services

  • Technology Selection Services
  • Solution Productization and Packaging Services
  • Architectural Selection and Implementation Advisory Services
  • Ecosystem Advisory Services

Analysis of Ecosystem Opportunities

  • Microsoft Ecosystem Education and Advisory Services
  • Co-Selling with Microsoft Education and Management Services

System Integrator Business Modeling

  • Cloud Transformations and Business Modeling for Solution Area and Market Segment
  • App and Device Strategy and Solution Selection
  • Microsoft Technology Opportunity Analysis - based on TELLUS Research
  • Go-to-Market Strategy Planning and Execution

Ecosystem Advisory Services

  • Analysis of Ecosystem Opportunities
  • Microsoft Ecosystem Education and Advisory Services

Go-to-Market Advisory Services

  • Go-to-Market Analysis and Selection
  • Go-to-Market Business Planning
  • Market Entry Analysis for new Geographical Entries


  • Research Services of Technology Selection
  • Technology Advisory Services
  • Marketing Services

Enterprise Software Selection

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions
  • Document Management and Enterprise Content Management Solutions
  • Enterprise Messaging Solutions
  • Third-party add-on Solutions
  • Enterprise Security Solutions

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