AI and Cybersecurity


The "AI and cybersecurity" webinar is the fifth in the "Making AI Approachable" series from A-CX and TELLUS International. These webinars aim at decision-makers who approach AI from customer, product, and business perspectives. AI is technical, but we see technology as an enabler, not the primary purpose. This time, we have a guest speaker, Jari Salomaa, with us! Jari, Mikko, and Petri will cover AI's impact on the cybersecurity landscape, security threats, and mitigations. This webinar is for anyone who should be concerned about cybersecurity – that’s you! According to McKinsey, 53% of organizations see Generative AI as a cybersecurity risk and 38% act on it. Jari Salomaa has vast experience leading cloud and cyber security products from large Fortune 500 organizations to high-growth startups. Currently, Jari is the co-founder and CEO of Valo Security, which focuses on securing integrated organizations. Valo Security is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with teams in Europe to automate enterprise customers' SaaS infrastructure health checks. Additionally, Jari has been advising several growth organizations and serves on the Board for Tosibox, an operational technology (OT) connectivity specialist based in Finland. Previously, Jari has been Sr. Director for ServiceNow Platform and Director of Platform Product Management at Salesforce. Jari is also passionate about the world's oceans and clean water and is an accomplished open-water marathon swimmer. Jari: "It was exciting to join the webinar to discuss the impacts of AI on the connected enterprise, B2B software landscape, and what it means to security and privacy."

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