AI in Europe


In the first part, we recap the highlights of A-CX and TELLUS International's first three webinars. We cover an intro to AI, building AI solutions, and their cost. Looking at these through European lenses may look different than in the US. Second, the emerging European Union's AI legislation is a hot topic. EU has a long history of being the front runner in legislating, e.g., consumer privacy. EU's actions have also paved the way for California and an increasing number of states to introduce or expand their consumer privacy laws. The EU's AI Act has different rules for different risk levels. Classifications to a particular risk level may be a result of, e.g., the activity (AI facial recognition), product category (toys, aviation), and application area (law enforcement). It's noteworthy that Generative AI has a specific set of rules. The new regulations establish obligations for providers and users, including privacy and transparency. We also cover AI interest in Europe vs. elsewhere, AI benefits, financing, and resourcing. Finally, we look at the latest Microsoft 365 Copilot features.

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