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Office 365 learning

Effective Office365 Education using Stories

By DrSalonen | Nov 13, 2022

Continuous updates of software have increased the need for continuous learning The question that many organizations are struggling with is how to ensure that their employees are effective in their use of different digital tools. The software industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. I grew up in the era of floppies, disks,…

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SharePoint North America 2018 Conference Recap #SPC18

By DrSalonen | May 25, 2018

SharePoint North America 2018 Conference is completed and I wanted to share some of my thoughts and perceptions from the conference. You can find several recaps of the event, such as listening to a podcast from The Intrazone by Bill Baer (@williambaer) and Mark Kashman (@mkashman) where Bill and Mark summarize and discuss of the main…

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Microsoft channel partners facing hurdles with new technologies

By DrSalonen | May 20, 2018

It became obvious to me when watching Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella giving a keynote speech at Build 2018 event that every, I mean every Microsoft partner will have a mountain to climb if they want to be part of the exciting new Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, analytics, and overall digital transformation. You might ask…

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SharePoint North America Conference is back

By DrSalonen | May 18, 2018

  SharePoint North America Conference is back. I did some internet search to find out when the last conference was held and I was able to get content from 2014. The conference was debuted in 2006, and now four years later, the conference is back in Las Vegas. The “replacement” for the SharePoint conference was…

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Key Learnings from Microsoft WPC16

By DrSalonen | Jul 21, 2016

My tradition is to do a recap of Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) that was held this year in the beautiful Toronto, Canada. This was my second WPC in Toronto and 12th WPC in the row. I guess I can call myself a WPC veteran. I wrote about my thoughts of the conference prior going…

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Reflection of upcoming Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference WPC16

By DrSalonen | Jul 8, 2016

This is my 12th Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. My first one was in Minneapolis back in 2005, which was an eye-opener. The previous 10 years I had been visiting the comparable IBM Partner Conference so I was pretty new to the Microsoft ecosystem. I had of course worked with Microsoft technology as CEO and head…

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Entering US markets as foreign software vendor

By DrSalonen | Mar 14, 2016

Entering US markets as foreign software vendor is something that many foreign organizations have both succeeded but also failed dramatically. In this blog entry I would like to highlight some of the learning’s that I have had since I immigrated to US for more than 17 years ago. This blog entry might sound a bit…

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Can a strong channel partner program give you a competitive edge?

By DrSalonen | Mar 10, 2016

Can a strong channel partner program give you a competitive edge? That is what software vendors are contemplating on. When you add the transformation of business models for both the ISV and channel partners,  you have multiple dimensions that will have an impact on the success of your channel efforts. What has not changed in…

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A weak SaaS software solution can destroy the business for a channel partner

By DrSalonen | Mar 5, 2016

A weak SaaS software solution can destroy the business for a channel partner more easily than in the traditional license-based software business models. Lets analyze what has changed and what kind of questions a channel partner need to be aware of. Roles and responsibilities have changed In the past, the “bits” were delivered to the…

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