TELLUS International has worked with tens of non-US software companies with their US go-to-market strategy and execution, including channel development. The US market is the largest homogeneous market, but the engagement rules differ in many other countries or regions. There are many aspects that a software vendor needs to plan, and TELLUS executives know the US markets and ecosystems such as Microsoft. We have worked for more than 18 years in the Microsoft ecosystem, building channels and helping companies from different parts of the world to enter US markets.


TELLUS focuses on the Microsoft ecosystem. We have worked with several software vendors as their extended team and have accumulated a deep understanding of Microsoft technology and how these technologies are being applied to software vendors, system integrators, and enterprises.


The key to successful channels is to present a profitable business model for a channel partner. A software vendor must create a win-win value proposition for a prospective channel partner.


Any prospective channel business model needs to be validated by contacting prospective channel partners to request feedback.


Channel building and execution are based on a well-defined process with steps and procedures. Building a channel does not happen overnight; trust is built over time with channel partners.

  • Do you need to optimize and analyze your current channel?
  • Do you know your optimal channel partner in your cloud and App business?
  • Do you want to ensure your channel partners' business model aligns with yours?
  • Do you want to understand current best practices better when building a channel?
  • Do you want to define roles and responsibilities for your organization, the channel, and the end-user organization?
  • Do you know how to manage channel conflicts in the cloud and App business?
  • Do you have the needed information on channel marketing best practices?
  • Ongoing guidance on best practices in channel development.
  • Management support in setting an optimal channel strategy.
  • Development of Go-to-market plans with execution strategy.
  • Ongoing channel outreach with status reporting.
  • Development of sales plans and forecasts with newly signed channel partners.
  • Outreach lists created by TELLUS representatives.
  • Execution of channel partner contracts with negotiations.
  • Ongoing channel management.

Software Tools: Customer Relationship Management Strategy

  • The building of channel lead lists
  • Development of email campaigns
  • Execution and monitoring of email campaigns

Social Media Tools: Use of social tools

  • Active outreach to influencers to introduce the solution
  • Blogging on selected topics to create visibility for the software vendor
  • Social media analytics and reporting
  • Selection of events where the software vendor should participate
  • Active outreach to set up meetings with potential channel partners
  • Active participation in events with software vendors like expo participation
    • Help with booth duties
    • Facilitation of networking meetings
    • Outreach to other expo vendors for potential collaboration

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