Customize Your AI


In this second video of the "Making AI Approachable" series, we focus on customizing your AI. These webinars aim at decision-makers who approach AI from customer, product, and business perspectives. AI is technical, but we see technology as an enabler, not the primary purpose. We'll introduce key terms. What's a fine-tuned model, what's grounding, etc? To begin with, what can a chat AI model do out of the box in a pre-trained form? Further, we'll examine how training or customizing a model or AI model optimization changes the chat content, tone, structure, etc. We'll also explore different editing methods for chat prompts and responses. There are easy changes to get started with and deliver fast results. Some techniques result in fundamental changes. Naturally, they come with the associated complexity and cost. Business leaders need a high-level understanding of crucial AI concepts to engage in AI strategy and budgeting rounds.

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