Do you know how to listen and communicate?

I have a confession to make. I am a "bookaholic." I inherited my interest in books from my father, mother, and grandfather, who was an editor-in-chief for newspapers during his retirement and translated many books into Finnish from other languages. I have also written a couple of business books for a Finnish publisher on how to conduct international business.

I own thousands of books. I don't read every book I buy, but I use many as references when building materials for my educational sessions or management consultant engagements. I read some books from start to finish, and today, I am bringing one to your attention, which is a book for you to consider. Let me explain why.

The curriculum in the business schools where I got my academic degrees at the time needed to include more about human behavior and dealing with people in different situations. This might have been the curriculum for marketing and sales degrees, but not for my accounting and information systems degrees.

I ran into an announcement by Keith Ferrazzi, whom I ran into the first time when reading his book "Never Eat Alone" that his good friend Dr. Mark Goulston had passed. He is a well-known professor of psychiatry, a former FBI and police hostage negotiator, and a speaker. Mr Ferrazzi referred to Dr. Goulston's book "Just Listen" which I have now read from start to finish. Let me tell you that the book included lots of information that I wish I had known when I started my career and not by "trial and error" and making mistakes.

The book brings many great insights with a "Persuasion Cycle" framework at the center of his thesis. To get people to do something, you must first get their "buy-in." He lists 9 rules and 12 techniques for using the rules for virtually anyone and in any situation. In the book summary, "The secret doesn't like in what you tell people, but what you get them to tell you." The book brought so many insights that should be obvious to us, but we tend to break some fundamental "laws of communication." I wish I had read this book earlier in my career.

Do yourself a favor. Buy and read the book. I have bought the rest of Dr. Goulston's books and will get into them at some point in time.

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Dr. Petri I. Salonen

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