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DK-Simply AI

I like the books from DK Publisher. They are very different from many potentially "dry" books on AI, which include only lots of text but no illustrations.

The AI field is moving so fast that, at least, what concerns me is that there are so many things one must remember that some of the previous learnings are already "leaking out" when new information comes in. That is just the reality of today's world.

I own 20+ books from the publisher, ranging from science to psychology, literature to politics to philosophy. The publisher has also released a book series that they have branded "Simply," where they have added the topic after the word, such as Simply Math, Simply Economics, and Simply The Brain.

The book I am reviewing is Simply AI. An example of what you could quickly check out in the book is the following:

🎯What is fine-tuning data?

🎯Modeling uncertainty

🎯Sensory AI

🎯Processing data

🎯Regression analysis

🎯Anomaly detection


This book is unique because it combines bold graphics with easy-to-understand text. It is a great introduction to the world of AI for those who are short on time and want to recap different concepts within the field.

A word of warning, though. If you feel well-versed in all the different aspects of computing and AI, this might not be your book. However, if you want a resource to check different concepts quickly, this might be yours.

The book explains different aspects of AI and outlines its history, key building blocks, and technological milestones. It also profiles the most important practical applications - current and predicted - and explores ethical debates around AI and its increasing influence on culture and society.

The main features of the book are as follows:

⭐ Broad Coverage: It spans a wide range of fields within AI, from computing and mathematics to politics and philosophy, providing a comprehensive overview of the subject.

⭐ Visual Learning: The book uses bold graphics and annotated illustrations to explain over 120 concepts, applications, and theories related to AI, making complex ideas more digestible.

⭐ Practical Applications: It profiles important practical applications of AI, both current and predicted, helping readers understand how AI is used in real-world scenarios.

⭐ Ethical Considerations: The book explores the ethical debates surrounding AI and its growing impact on culture and society.

⭐ Historical Context: It outlines key building blocks and technological milestones in the history of AI, giving readers a solid foundation in the subject's development.

The book is divided into five main blocks, with many chapters underneath each block. The main blocks are as follows:

➡️History of Artificial Intelligence

➡️Classical Artificial Intelligence

➡️Statistical Artificial Intelligence

➡️Using Artificial Intelligence

➡️Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

➡️Living with Artificial Intelligence

This is your book if you want an entertaining resource that clearly explains different AI concepts. I would also recommend this book as a present for people who want to learn about AI but have not had the time to read about it.

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Dr. Petri I. Salonen

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