Five AI Predictions for 2024


This is the 10th webinar from A-CX and TELLUS International in the "Making AI Approachable" series. These webinars aim at decision-makers who approach AI from customer, product, and business perspectives. AI is technical, but we see technology as an enabler, not the primary purpose. Our 2024 Predictions webinar is an exploratory journey through five thought-provoking topics. We delve into the intricate dynamics of System 1 & 2 thinking and its implications for AI. You'll gain insights into the ecosystem game and what it means for Microsoft Partners. The series also highlights the pivotal moments as AI transitions to widespread adoption, crossing the chasm from Early Adopters to Early Majority. We discuss the transformative impact of AI in enhancing employee satisfaction and its potential to revolutionize the workplace. Finally, we offer forward-looking thoughts on how marketing strategies are set to evolve, cutting through tech jargon and making technology more accessible.

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