Future landscapes of Generative AI


A recording of our live presentation at the FutureTech Oulu event on October 12th, 2023. Thank you, Business Oulu, for having us! Generative AI will speed up the automation of business professionals' work so that half of our work will be automated in just over 20 years. Like the online boom at the turn of the millennium, generative AI will touch virtually every company. Why? Because almost every company has sales, marketing, and customer operations. Also, nearly every company is a software company. These functions represent 75% of the generative AI's impact. You can benefit from AI by buying readymade products or building AI into great solutions. We'll cover the complexity and cost of modifying different levels of the AI tech stack. It's often overlooked that technology change is easy compared to changing people. Besides technology adoption, AI will drive recruitment, retaining, downsizing, retraining, and partnering.

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