Market Surveys

Market Survey Technology advancement and adoption is quickly changing our lives both at work and at home. In the rapidly changing landscape it is hard to find objective and independent research that can provide guidance and direction. Hard fact and general rules do not exist and target audiences vary greatly in their adoption maturity. In many industries there is a massive land grab going on. Access and ownership of data will largely define the winners and losers for most industries in the next ten years. Solution vendors are pressured to act in a relatively narrow window with minimal proof points and decision making support. Market validation surveys serve vendors in providing statically meaningful proof points to guide decision making reducing risk and maximizing return on investment.

Validation Survey

Business models and perceived value are hypothesis that need to be tested with the market. In order to have confidence in an approach we need statistically meaningful data and intelligent interpretations. Validation serves as a test to support investment decisions.

Objectives of the Validation Survey

TELLUS Validation Survey is a hybrid approach covering both quantitative and qualitative outreach. The survey is customized and localized to provide answers to market specific questions relative to the chosen business model and perceived value proposition.

Do you know the answer to following questions?

  • How will your market react to your chosen business model?
  • Will your value hypothesis resonate?
  • Do you know who your customers expect to be served?
  • Do you know what your customers will want in the future?
  • Do you know how stakeholders across different markets will react?
  • Do you need support for your business case? .


  • Survey tested by local market professionals.
  • Managed process with regular reporting on progress.
  • Outreach by skilled staff.
  • Analysis and presentation of results by industry experts.
  • Capture and transfer of any leads generated.
  • Availability to resources and access to TELLUS Academy Learning Management System (LMS).


  • Phase 1: Survey Creation
    • Development of questions
    • Translation and localization
    • Testing of questions
  • Phase 2: Survey Execution
    • Survey setup
    • Outreach messaging creation
    • Outreach execution and management
    • Analysis of responses
  • Phase 3: Callout
    • Calling script creation
    • Population scoping
    • Callout execution
  • Phase 4: Analysis and Reporting
    • Lead transfer

Delivery Format

  • Project scoping and kick-off
  • Weekly reporting on progress by TELLUS Project Executive
  • Customer approval milestones
  • Final presentation of results, approach and recommendations




We conduct ongoing ecosystem research for our clients to validate software product development plans and to ensure marketing and sales efforts are targeted to the right market segment.


We provide advisory services for software vendors and system integrators. Our long experience in working with hundreds of organizations and developing tens of solutions provides a solid background for our advisory services.



We provide different types of business workshops based on the need. We keep building new workshops based on the market need.



Our business execution packages are built based on TELLUS long experience in brining success to its clients in different go-to-market execution phases.



We have worked with Microsoft field organizations globally on different initiatives. Besides Microsoft, we work with independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators, managed service providers delivering different types of educational solutions.