Microsoft MPN Business Model Offer for Microsoft Partners

Microsoft Partner Program MPN

TELLUS International has agreed with Microsoft  Partner Network to offer business modeling services for Microsoft partners in 10 different competencies with a heavy discounted price.

We have been delivering business modeling services for Microsoft partners of different size and accumulated waste amount of experience in many different areas when creating a cloud and app business. We have helped organizations with innovation workshops with Minimal Viable Product (MPV) as a result of the workshop. Some projects have resulted in new pricing/licensing models based on the new cloud/app ecosystem standards.

The benefit for Microsoft partners is to be able to quickly identify the areas that they should focus on such as pricing/licensing/channel strategy and many other areas that a Microsoft partner needs to be thinking about.

We have served organizations with billions of dollars in revenue to small start-ups with an interesting app/cloud idea. TELLUS will be well represented at the upcoming Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 in Washington D.C. so please look for us at WPC Connect or if you see us during the conference, feel free to stop us to chat.

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