Book Name and Authors Description
The Industrial Subscription Economy by Stephan Liozu 2022 The Industrial Subscription Economy: A Practical Guide to Designing, Pricing, and Scaling Your Industrial Subscription by Stephan Liozu (2022). The subscription business model has become the primary way of doing business in many consumer sectors and in the B2B SaaS world. Many industrial companies have also launched subscription business models to complement, augment, or diversify their product business portfolio. Companies like Toyota, ABB, Thales, Siemens, Scania, Schindler, Honeywell, Caterpillar, Schneider Electric, and many more have successfully done so.
Digital Pricing Strategy by Liozu and Hinterhuber Digital Pricing Strategy by Stephan Liozu and Andreas Hinterhuber (2023) Digital Pricing Strategy provides a best-practice overview of how companies design, analyze, and execute digital pricing strategies. Bringing together insights from academic and professional experts globally, the text covers essential areas of the value and pricing of data, platform pricing, pricing of subscriptions and monetization of the global environment.
The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing: A Guide to Growing More Profitably International Student Edition 7th ed. Edition by Thomas Nagle, Evert Gruyaert, Georg Müller The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing is the most well-established and influential strategic pricing text available, relied on by practitioners and students globally as a core guide for value-based pricing.
Monetizing Data Stephen Liozu and Wolfgang Ulaga Monetizing Data: A Practical Roadmap for Framing, Pricing & Selling Your B2B Digital Offers by Stephan M. Liozu (Author), Wolfgang Ulaga (Author) The Digital revolution promises trillions of dollars in created value by 2030. Consultants and researchers are projecting massive and disruptive disruption in entire industrial sectors. As a results, PwC reports in their DigitalIQ report that 73% of executives say that they are investing in internet of things (IoT) and 54% in artificial intelligence. ABB predicts that 33 billion things or objects will be connected to the internet by 2020. So we are experiencing a deluge of digital investments, programs, and large-scale transformations.
Pricing--The New CEO Imperative: A Book from the Pricing Profession to the C-Suite by Stephan M. Liozu (2021) Pricing--The New CEO Imperative, the 11th volume by Stephan M. Liozu on the topic of pricing and customer value management, is a message from the pricing profession to the C-suite. It aims to promote pricing and encourage CEOs and C-suite executives to pay greater attention to pricing and to increase their investments in their pricing initiatives. In the context of digital transformations and a post-COVID-19 new normal, pricing is a strategic capability that no CEO should ignore—and a driver of competitive advantage and a strong profit lever. Pricing has 21 chapters organized in five sections: Pricing Lessons and Myths, Pricing Impact and Pricing Power, Pricing Testimonials, Pricing Maturity and Capabilities, and Pricing as a Force of Transformation.
Pricing Strategy Implementation Andreas Hinterhuber and Stephen Liozu Pricing Strategy Implementation: Translating Pricing Strategy into Results by Andreas Hinterhuber and Stephan M. Liozu Pricing can truly transform organizations. The impact of pricing on organizations is a result of two factors: pricing strategy development and the implementation of these strategies. Implementation is arguably the most difficult part in the pricing strategy process where even seasoned practitioners demand guidance. Pricing strategy development requires creativity, analytical rigor, and an ability to master the internal political competition for scarce resources, but it takes place in a well-defined environment. Fast forward to strategy implementation: competitors that stubbornly fail to behave according to assumptions, new entrants, internal resistance, new opportunities, changing customer preferences, leadership changes, regulatory interventions, or market growth rates that change unexpectedly are some of the intervening variables between the pricing strategy originally developed and the strategy actually implemented. This book provides the theories and best practices that enable the effective implementation of pricing strategies.
Value Mindset Stephan Liozu Value Mindset: Accelerate Your Value Transformation by Changing Your Mindset by Stephan M. Liozu (2017) The most important factor in a successful customer value transformation is mindset. It’s more important than any tool, any process, any training session, or any single financial incentive. But you can’t will a positive mindset into existence. No one can snap their fingers or hypnotize a team into believing in the mission, believing in the transformation, or ultimately believing in their team and in themselves.