North American Cloud and Collaboration Summit 2024


TELLUS International and A-CX participated in the North American Cloud and Collaboration Summit 2024 in Irving, Texas Convention Center.

The session was aimed at decision-makers who approach AI from customer, product, and business perspectives. AI is technical, but we see technology as an enabler, not the primary purpose. The AI revolution parallels the IT and online boom of the turn of the millennium, promising to reshape every facet of business. Whether you want to optimize IT tools or drive your company’s success, AI offers substantial cost savings and fresh avenues for innovation. But the critical question remains: How do you embark on this transformative journey? It starts with envisioning your AI objectives and goals, providing a solid foundation for your venture. Next, understanding which functions and activities within your industry can harness AI’s benefits is essential. These benefits include cost savings, revenue enhancement, quality improvement, or an elevated customer experience. Lastly, comprehending your current AI landscape, your ambitions in AI, and your capacity to steer this transformation is critical to crafting an actionable plan. Every journey begins with that first step, and embracing AI is inevitable. We will guide you through real-world customer case studies, offering inspiring examples of successful initial forays into AI. Most importantly, many of the most challenging AI problems have already been tackled, and the technology is now mature for widespread adoption. Viewing AI products not as AI-centric but as outstanding products enhanced by AI is essential. The timeless principles of prioritizing the customer experience, crafting compelling user interfaces, and building on a secure, scalable backend remain relevant. Let us share our experiences and help you embark on a successful AI journey. Brought to you by A-CX and TELLUS International.

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