Managed Service Providers

managed service providers adding cloud services

Managed Service Provider adding Cloud Services to its offering

Managed Solution Providers (MSPs) have a market opportunity to add cloud services to be offered to SMB business owners who want to focus on growing their business instead of managing their technology investments.
As Cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications become increasingly popular, HSPs are ideally positioned to deliver Cloud solutions more cost efficiently than internal IT departments. Are you ready to be a Cloud trusted advisor to your customers and help them benefit from the Managed Services model?

A need to add new value-added services

Managed Service Providers have a need to differentiate themselves from competition. Pure infrastructure support is not going to generate the expected growth and profitability for MSPs. Studies has shown that MSPs with less than 1 million in revenue are struggling due to scalability issues.

Cloud is the enabler for MSPs

The Cloud provides a new opportunity for MSPs as it does not require new investments in infrastructure. MSPs can expand the operations based on the need, which creates a better opportunity to invest in personnel and skills that MSPs need in building value-added services based on the Cloud.

This is where we can help

  • We provide the framework, infrastructure and plumbing for building and running a solution in the Cloud
  • We guide and deliver best practices for Cloud solutions that make the best sense and return the greatest ROI
  • We deliver the go-to-market strategy to expand your business offering to include Cloud/hosting

This is what you get

  • Lower cost to manage and operate their business
  • Faster deployment and implementation times
  • Predictable monthly cost/expense