Software Vendors

Software vendor cloud and app business mode transformation

Recurring revenue business for software vendors

We help software vendors in the cloud and app business model transformation to create a sustainable recurring revenue business. The change from traditional one-time licensing model to recurring revenue model can be challenging for a software vendor. Questions such as change in cash-flow, sales model and channel structure will require the management to create a new business model that supports this business model change. While the Cloud it creates new opportunities the operational changes need to be well planned to avoid uncontrolled operation.

Creating your Cloud Strategy

The future is in the Cloud and every software vendor will have to build its Cloud Strategy. TELLUS has worked with tens of software vendors and their cloud strategy and execution model and helping in the execution strategy.

Becoming aware of App Economy

Software vendors have to consider its app business model and how to expose its solutions to other ecosystems due to interoperability demands. Increasing needs for mobility requires software vendors make a decision how its solutions integrate with the cloud and how its app strategy is defined.

This is where we can help

  • We can facilitate your management team to get into agreement on your business model with respective execution plan
  • We can help in development of monetization and operationalization for your SaaS solution
  • We can help in building your sales and channel strategy
  • We help build a blueprint for your Cloud strategy that defines next steps and aligns the technology piece with your go-to-market, operations and support plans
  • We help in building a channel for your solution in different geographies

This is what you get

  • New and predictable revenue streams based on a business model and strategy
  • Greater and more flexible scalability with a strong channel strategy and plan
  • Shortened sales cycles due to improved focus on the business
  • Scalability through a channel organization