SharePoint North America Conference is back


SharePoint North America Conference is back. I did some internet search to find out when the last conference was held and I was able to get content from 2014. The conference was debuted in 2006, and now four years later, the conference is back in Las Vegas. The “replacement” for the SharePoint conference was Microsoft Ignite held May 4-8 in Chicago at McCormick Place. I was, in fact, working that conference helping out a European ISV (BPA Solutions) doing booth duty. My take on that conference was that it was just too big and the challenge I had was that we got lots of people coming to our booth, but one never knew if they were interested in SharePoint/Office 365 or something else. We had lots of energy going to talking to people that not really helped us in our mission.

This year, the conference in Las Vegas is co-produced by Microsoft and SharePoint Conference North America with content and speakers dedicated to the SharePoint/Office 365 mission. I am also doing booth (#520) duty this time with an interesting European software vendor Repstor. What makes Repstor interesting is that it happens to be with the right solution, at the right time viewed both from Microsoft and end-user customer perspective. You can find me at Repstor booth #520.  Let me explain why I think Repstor is the solution to look for.

Repstor Affinity is Microsoft Outlook plugin with the sole idea that it lets office productivity workers file emails and documents to SharePoint without leaving Outlook. In fact, the user does not even have to know that SharePoint is where the information is stored. Repstor Affinity enables users to search from within Outlook and affinity exposes metadata from SharePoint views which are searchable in an Outlook view.

Repstor Assist works seamlessly with Affinity and provides guided an intelligent personalized filing of emails and documents.

Repstor Custodian is the engine that enables organizations to build case/project/matter management related solutions by applying templates and having Custodian to auto-provision sites, site collections, in fact almost any artifact within SharePoint. The benefit of Repstor solutions is to increase the use and adoption of Office 365. Organizations have purchased or subscribed to Office 365 and it is important to get a return on investment for that acquisition. That is what Repstor can do.

I think the timing of having a dedicated SharePoint/Office 365 could not be better. Office 365 is one of the key focus areas for Microsoft and it has been amazing to see different types of solutions been built in Office 365, including interesting integrations using Microsoft Graph, an umbrella API that enables third-party developers to consume services from Office 365 and to build interesting solutions on top of Office 365.

If you are a solution provider and looking for solutions to work with, Repstor is actively looking for channel partners to work with. Visit #520 to learn more how we could work together and what that could mean for your business.

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