From SharePoint to Office365 Business Model

Moving from SharePoint to Office365 Business Model TELLUS International has worked with numerous years in SharePoint ecosystem. The rapid change from on-premises business model to a cloud-based subscription-based economy requires software vendors and system integrators to rethink how to make money and grow the business. Read also how we can help you to enter US markets.




Transforming your business model

The change from a traditional on-premises business model to Office 365 App business model will require re-assessment of your long-term vision, mission and go-to-market strategy. Based on our experience, many organizations lack a well-articulated vision of how to transform its business model to a subscription-based business model. We have worked with tens of organizations helping both software vendors and system integrators to re-think how to move into Office 365 world.

Identifying channel opportunities

Once a software vendor has identified an optimal channel profile for an Office 365 app, the assumptions need to be validated and outreach to potential channel partners needs to be executed. This process provides the foundation for the software vendor to understand whether the solution value proposition has been defined in the right way and if the channel sees a benefit of the solution.

Do you know the answer to following questions?

  • Do you have a good understanding of current Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem?
  • Do you know what type of pricing models Office 365 solutions typically have?
  • Do you know if your current channel is also going to be able to sell your Office 365 solution?
  • Do you know how your optimal Office 365 channel partner looks like in your cloud and App business?
  • Do you want to ensure that your channel partners business model is in alignment with your business model?
  • Do you know how you have to change your sales and marketing operations when moving to Office 365 sales?
  • Do you know what it means to support an Office 365 solution that is sold globally?
  • Do you want to define roles and responsibilities for your organization and the channel as well as end user organization?
  • Do know how to manage channel conflicts in your Office 365 business?

What you can expect from us?

  • Ongoing guidance how to build your Office 365 business.
  • Ongoing guidance on best practices in Office 365 channel development.
  • Management support in setting an optimal channel strategy.
  • Development of Go-to-market plans with execution strategy.
  • Ongoing channel outreach with status reporting.
  • Development of sales plans and forecasts with newly signed channel partners.
  • Outreach lists created by TELLUS representatives.
  • Execution of channel partner contracts with negotiations.
  • Ongoing channel management.
  • Availability to resources and access to TELLUS Academy Learning Management System (LMS). This portal includes educational sessions for channel development

Use of Tools

  • Software Tools: Customer Relationship Management Strategy
    • Building of channel lead lists
    • Development of email campaigns
    • Execution and monitoring of email campaigns
  • Social Media Tools: Use of social tools
    • Active outreach to influencers to introduce the solution
    • Blogging on selected topics to create visibility for the software vendor
    • Social media analytics and reporting


Event Planning and Participation

  • Selection of events where the software vendor should participate
  • Active outreach to setup meetings with potential channel partners
  • Active participation in events with software vendor like expo participation
    • Help with booth duties
    • Facilitation of networking meetings
    • Outreach to other expo vendors for potential collaboration





We provide different types of business workshops based on the need. We keep building new workshops based on the market need.


Our business execution packages are built based on TELLUS long experience in brining success to its clients in different go-to-market execution phases.


We have worked with Microsoft field organizations globally on different initiatives. Besides Microsoft, we work with independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators, managed service providers delivering different types of educational solutions.