Enterprise Transformation Workshop

enterprise transformation workshopThe change from traditional one-time licensing model to recurring revenue model can be challenging for a software vendor. Questions such as change in cash-flow, sales model and channel structure will require the management to create a new business model that supports this business model transformation. While the Cloud creates new opportunities the operational changes can be significant and thus need to be planned well in advance.



Enterprise Transformation

Business transformation is not unique to software companies, but equally touches all industries. Machine controls are becoming increasingly digitized generating vast quantities of valuable real-time data. The workforce is becoming more mobile through the proliferation of smart mobile devices, extending the boundaries of a company domain. Communication culture is evolving from emails and text messages to instant messaging, experiential sharing and social networking. Cloud computing is feeding these trends with virtually unlimited storage and compute. Enterprises can embrace these new capabilities in their business models to reduce operating costs, entice young talent, enable new services and drive competitiveness.

Objectives of Enterprise Workshop

TELLUS Enterprise Workshop is a highly interactive three-stage workshop model. Enterprise workshops focus on conceptualizing next generation software services that add value to core services and product offerings. These next generation services are often utilize multiple device form factors. They are based on data and analytical insights. Next generation applications are not siloed, but rather integrated with other services within that ecosystem.

Do you know the answer to following questions?

  • Do you have a data strategy?
  • Do you know how your offering meets the overall architecture which is utilized by your industry end customers?
  • Do you know how you will serve mobile customers?
  • Do you want to have a better understanding of next generation application trends?
  • Do you want to define roles and responsibilities for your organization and across the value-chain?
  • Do know how to grow and manage a content partner ecosystem?
  • Do you have the needed information in social marketing best practices?


  • Live interviews by TELLUS representatives of the stakeholders in initiative.
  • Preparation and facilitation of workshop by senior TELLUS consultant.
  • Workshop summary report of pre-study, workshop and post-analysis phases.
  • Enterprise Business Model Canvas with activities list.
  • Education of best practices in envisioning next generation Cloud based services.
  • Availability to resources and access to TELLUS Academy Learning Management System (LMS).


  • Day 1: Workshop with Group Breakouts and Presentations
    • Enterprise Value
    • Solution Channels
    • Operational Flow
  • Day 2: Group Breakouts and Presentations
    • Financial Viability
    • Ecosystem Potential
    • Key Activities

Delivery Format

  • Pre-workshop interviews and materials review
  • 2-day on-site interactive workshop
  • Post-workshop summary report and presentation of findings
    • Summary of pre-study phase
    • Workshop findings and decisions made
    • TELLUS senior consultant analysis and recommendations




We provide advisory services for software vendors and system integrators.



We provide different types of business workshops based on the need. We keep building new workshops based on the market need.


Our business execution packages are built based on TELLUS long experience in brining success to its clients in different go-to-market execution phases.


We have worked with Microsoft field organizations globally on different initiatives. Besides Microsoft, we work with independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators, managed service providers delivering different types of educational solutions.