Elements of effective partnering with Microsoft

Successful Microsoft partnering

I often get a question from partners about what one needs to have in place to partner effectively. I always say that the relationship is an investment, both sides need to gain from it, and the partner should not automatically expect there to be an interest by Microsoft. In my tens of business design session…

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Microsoft Office 365 channel is not only about margins anymore

If you are a traditional independent software vendor (ISV), you might be surprised when talking to channel partners that are looking for Office 365 solutions. The reality is that margins that most ISVs offer to its channel partners do not carry the cost that channel partners take on to build its cloud practice. Channel partners are…

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Microsoft MPN Business Model Offer for Microsoft Partners

TELLUS International has agreed with Microsoft  Partner Network to offer business modeling services for Microsoft partners in 10 different competencies with a heavy discounted price. We have been delivering business modeling services for Microsoft partners of different size and accumulated waste amount of experience in many different areas when creating a cloud and app business. We…

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