Actions the best CEOs are taking in 2023

I run into an interesting article by McKinsey & Company on how corporate leaders are “addressing the risks while finding the opportunities in digital disruption, the economy, and geopolitical uncertainties.” The article is based on a CEO Excellence Survey, which “takes the pulse of leading CEOs’ evolving priorities and the actions they’re taking in response.” …

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Effective Office365 Education using Stories

Office 365 learning

Continuous updates of software have increased the need for continuous learning The question that many organizations are struggling with is how to ensure that their employees are effective in their use of different digital tools. The software industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. I grew up in the era of floppies, disks,…

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SharePoint North America Conference is back

  SharePoint North America Conference is back. I did some internet search to find out when the last conference was held and I was able to get content from 2014. The conference was debuted in 2006, and now four years later, the conference is back in Las Vegas. The “replacement” for the SharePoint conference was…

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Why am I still signing SharePoint Enterprise deals?

Why am I still signing SharePoint Enterprise Deals

Why am I still signing SharePoint enterprise deals even if everybody is talking about Office 365? Let me explore some of the reasons that I have found out from my hundreds of calls with both Microsoft channel partners as well as end user organizations. I already made a few comments about this in my blog…

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What is the future of SharePoint?

What is the future of Sharepoint

What is the future of SharePoint is a question that many end user organizations as well as independent software vendors (ISVs) are asking. I have mentioned multiple times that I work extensively within SharePoint and Office 365 ecosystem and have visibility to what people are asking for and how they see SharePoint on-premises future in…

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Software Pricing Controversies

We run into software pricing controversies every now and then. JetBrains tried to move to a subscription-based licensing model from a traditional perpetual licensing model with annual maintenance. This change also woke up the press and caused stir in the development community and current JetBrains clients. Lets analyze what really happened and I will give…

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Key learnings from Microsoft WPC 2015

I wanted to share my thoughts of the key learning’s from Microsoft WPC 2015. It is now more than two weeks since we had the magnificent Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando, Florida. Since the conference, I have been busy working with follow-up and some projects. During the past two weeks I have also actively…

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Key learnings from Microsoft Ignite 2015

I wanted to share my key learnings from Microsoft Ignite 2015 event in Chicago. This was the first attempt to combine multiple different Microsoft product lines as I wrote in my previous blog entry. Now the question is: how did Microsoft do? I did participate in the first main keynote that was pretty long and…

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The gradual move from SharePoint on-premise to Office 365

It has been fascinating to witness the pretty dramatic change in cloud transformation especially here in the US especially moving from SharePoint to Office 365. I have worked intimately in the collaboration space (SharePoint and Office 365) for quite a while, participating in numerous SharePoint conferences, talking to hundreds of people about their plans in moving to…

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