Why am I still signing SharePoint Enterprise deals?

Why am I still signing SharePoint Enterprise Deals

Why am I still signing SharePoint enterprise deals even if everybody is talking about Office 365? Let me explore some of the reasons that I have found out from my hundreds of calls with both Microsoft channel partners as well as end user organizations. I already made a few comments about this in my blog…

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What is the future of SharePoint?

What is the future of Sharepoint

What is the future of SharePoint is a question that many end user organizations as well as independent software vendors (ISVs) are asking. I have mentioned multiple times that I work extensively within SharePoint and Office 365 ecosystem and have visibility to what people are asking for and how they see SharePoint on-premises future in…

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The gradual move from SharePoint on-premise to Office 365

It has been fascinating to witness the pretty dramatic change in cloud transformation especially here in the US especially moving from SharePoint to Office 365. I have worked intimately in the collaboration space (SharePoint and Office 365) for quite a while, participating in numerous SharePoint conferences, talking to hundreds of people about their plans in moving to…

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Microsoft Office 365 channel is not only about margins anymore

If you are a traditional independent software vendor (ISV), you might be surprised when talking to channel partners that are looking for Office 365 solutions. The reality is that margins that most ISVs offer to its channel partners do not carry the cost that channel partners take on to build its cloud practice. Channel partners are…

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