The Cost and Pricing of AI


In this third video of the "Making AI Approachable" series, we focus on the money matters of AI. These webinars aim at decision-makers who approach AI from customer, product, and business perspectives. AI is technical, but we see technology as an enabler, not the primary purpose. We explore the cost elements when building an AI-enhanced solution. There's an inherent cost unpredictability in this fast-evolving space. New AI models and tools are constantly launched, and the price changes can be dramatic. Secondly, estimating the resource needs may take a lot of work. This goes for data collection, training efforts, and computing resources. We guide you through the critical cost elements and the ones that should carry less weight in your decision-making. We also bring up some assumptions and their impact on the overall costs. It may be more approachable to understand the cost through examples. We explore three example projects and their associated costs. Every case is different, and similar projects can have varying cost structures. Everything covered up to this point is relevant for in-house tools and commercial offerings you may be building. Finally, we focus on the specifics of the products you offer your customers. We touch on the principles of product pricing and packaging.

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