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a new expectation

We have come a long way in web technology and what people expect from company web-sites. I feel that static and purely commercial “sanitized” web-sites will not be of interest going forward. Web sites should be not only informative, but they should include content that provide either learning’s or new insight to readers.

Web-sites should also demonstrate the skills of the organization and web-sites should have a section where company people can voice their opinion on things as they are and even take some risks every now and then even if not everybody likes what is said. We all know that every company accumulates information and most of this information will never get out as it might be seen as “embarrassing”. My way of educating and working g with people and organizations has always been to tell stories about my own personal mistakes as it is much easier for people to learn from it and it also demonstrates that the speaker has the guts to be vulnerable.

As this is a company blog, you can expect us to write about topics that are relevant to our business, topics from which you might learn every now and then and topics that our authors have passion to talk and write about. You should not expect anything less. Do not expect the language to be perfect as this blog is not about being grammatically correct, but to be more educational and as long as you understand what the author wants to say, we should be in good shape.

You can also expect us to keep on doing entries on continuous basis so you should come back and read and comment and participate in the knowledge sharing. My recommendation to our authors is to keep the blogs short enough so you have time to read them but you can expect to see series of blog entries for a specific topic where an author will discuss about something in multiple blog entries. I am doing this on regular basis in my personal blog www.drsalonen.com. My latest blog topic has been channel development related issues.

I hope you enjoy the content and collaborate with us on things. We have also a section on this web-site where you can download different things as long as you register yourself as subscriber.


Dr. Petri I. Salonen

photo by: paojus

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