Dr. Petri I. Salonen

DrSalonen 2013My passion is within the ISV and SI (Independent Software Vendor, System Integrator) business- and strategy development. I work with ISVs and SIs around the world by delivering business modeling workshops that enable organizations to move from on-premise solutions to a subscription-based business model. I facilitate management teams in this business model transition and help the operational teams to put together a tactical plan with execution strategy.

I believe in putting theory into practice. You can therefore find me working on channel development, delivering workshops for personnel or doing educational sessions of email marketing campaigns.

I am an author of business books and my research efforts are around cloud monetization, cloud business models and SaaS solutions. The cloud business model resembles the topics in my doctoral dissertation from 2004 (Evaluation of a Product Platform Strategy for Analytical Application Software).

The word TELLUS stands for “The Globe” and that really translates us doing business in different parts of the globe: United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.


International software business, channel development, board of directors, software business strategy development, business intelligence, SaaS, Software plus Services, Microsoft Azure, software business models, software development, software product lines, software product platforms, domain-specific modeling.

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