Envisioning/Innovation Workshop

The workshop enables the organization to envision a solution or an offering with associated roadmaps by defining time horizons. The roadmap focuses on defining themes, business objectives, main features, revenue opportunities, and potential risks and dependencies. The workshop allows the organization to get clarity on the potential solution and what a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) should include.

Business Design Workshop (BDS)

Enables the software vendor to build a business model for a solution scenario or an offering. TELLUS uses industry-standard business model frameworks within the workshops that allow the organization to adopt a structured business modeling process that can be used on an ongoing basis. The focus in the workshop is to define a concrete action plan that includes actions with timelines, roles, and responsibilities.

Pricing/Packaging Workshop

The workshop enables an organization to define the solution's pricing and packaging model, identify potential revenue streams, and define value metrics. TELLUS uses an industry-standard approach in pricing with multiple frameworks that helps the organization in the pricing/packaging process.

Channel/P2P Workshop

The workshop enables a software vendor to set a strategy for its partner-to-partner (p-2-p) collaboration to scale its sales via channel. The workshop helps the organization to evaluate its strategy and the potential gaps and to set the action plan for channel execution.

Go-To-Market Workshop

The workshop lets an organization define its go-to-market strategy, including target market segment(s), personas to target, and alignment with industry sales plays when working with ecosystem partners such as Microsoft.  A key focus is to build an action plan with concrete actions, roles and responsibilities, and timelines.

IP Commercialization Workshop

The workshop enables non-traditional enterprises or any organization that has built intellectual property (IP) for internal use to commercialize the solution and build a software business. TELLUS workshop helps the organization to identify the steps and requirements to have a software business and have successful business execution. The workshop deliverable portrays a holistic view of the target business potential with all relevant aspects of the business model.

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