TELLUS Software Pricing Workshop


Moving from one business model to another requires every software vendor to evaluate how to price its solution. The emergence of new app business models and technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), requires new business models that most organizations do not have experience in, and the software market is still working on.

Converting from one business model to another is not just a change in how the solution is delivered. Still, it changes how the software vendor makes money and impacts every function within the organization.


TELLUS Pricing Workshop is a highly interactive three-stage workshop model. Pricing workshops focus on identifying the value of the solution, what the customer expects from the solution (customer jobs), and how that translates into pain relievers and gain creators that the customer is willing to pay for. The workshop will provide guidance on how to identify value propositions, how to rank them, and how these can be converted into packaging.


  • Do you know what customer jobs your client values most in your solution? What are the pains your customer feels from not having a solution, and what are the gains your customer expects to achieve with your solution?
  • Do you know what market segments you will focus on with your solution and what personas you are most interested in?
  • Do you know what your ecosystem expects from your solution and how it relates to other solutions?
  • Do you know how your competition is pricing your solution?
  • Do you consider pricing essential for your channel's success if the channel is used to scale the sales?
  • Do you know how to package the solution with different tiers?
  • Do you know what kind of revenue streams are possible for your solution?


  • Live interviews by TELLUS representatives of the stakeholders in the initiative.
  • Preparation and facilitation of workshop by senior TELLUS consultant.
  • Workshop summary report of pre-study, workshop, and post-analysis phases.
  • Value Canvas with value proposition hypothesis and value drivers.
  • Business Model Canvas from an impact perspective on revenue streams.
  • Education of TELLUS experiences in pricing and packaging.


TELLUS workshops are highly interactive, and we use modern digital tools such as virtual whiteboard to build the story of your solution. Every participant in the workshop can contribute to a successful outcome. The digital environment allows the participants to continue the work after the workshop sessions using the Mural whiteboard environment.


TELLUS uses industry-standard business modeling frameworks in its workshop deliveries. We have analyzed and viewed hundreds of business models over the past 18 years. We have worked with different types and sizes of organizations from various industries. The common denominator of our customers is that it includes software in different forms. 


TELLUS workshop is based on a well-defined process that enables the workshop team to achieve predictable results and compare results from different solution scenarios. Our clients will learn best practices in building a software business or defining a solution offering. Our approach is based on a repeatable process our customers can adopt in their business execution.


TELLUS conducts research in software business and ecosystems. We believe in continuous learning and follow the research in multiple areas that benefit our customers. The research also benefits TELLUS workshop models through continuous improvement. We continue refining and combining different frameworks that benefit our customers.