WPC14 Session: Successfully Entering the US Market: Practical strategies for bringing your business to the United States

Microsoft Worldwide Conference 2014 (WPC 2014) is almost here and I am excited to be part of the event 10th time. I started my WPC experience in Minneapolis in 2005. The event has become the most important conference for my company and there are many reasons for it. First and foremost, it is for partners so every organization and person attending knows that we are there for business and business networking. Secondly, this is the event where Microsoft will reveal its new fiscal strategy (FY15) and every Microsoft partner needs to pay attention to the message that is carried by Microsoft executives. This is the first time when the new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will deliver his speech as CEO. The third and maybe most important reason why to attend WPC is to share experiences with other Microsoft partners, share ideas and create partnerships.

Last year I had a chance to participate in a panel with a few fellow executives that have built a business in the US (as Europeans). The session got good attendance so Microsoft decided to redo the session this year as well. I am very honored to have been asked to attend again and share my experiences in building my own businesses here in the US and also the experiences I have when helping other ISVs from outside US to enter US markets. I have been here now for 15+ years, so during that time I think I have seen quite a few things (good and bad) so I am very happy to be able to share about them during the panel. My topic will in fact be about how to be effective when investing in US conferences and what other means you have to get your brand name out to the US markets.

Check out the session details by logging into www.digitalwpc.com with your credentials and I hope to see you there on Monday July 14th at 04.00 PM (Room 209A)

Session: Successfully Entering the US Market: Practical strategies for bringing your business to the United States
Session Description The US is a large market made up of many sub-markets. Despite language similarities with other nations, doing business in US is not easy. Attend this session and hear from partners who live this daily. They’ll discuss options for visas, taxes, legal entities, pros/cons of various US cities, preparing yourself, family and company for the move to ensure your rhythm of business is maintained, and more. (Disclaimer: We’re not giving legal advice in this session; always consult your attorney)
Date, Time, Location: Monday, July 14, 4:00-5:00 pm (209A)
URL: https://connect.digitalwpc.com/Pages/SessionDetail.aspx?sessionId=fc02204b-ffc4-e311-b297-00155d5066d7#fbid=3pUTUJ38ArB

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